Article published by Newsweek México. 
May 17th, 2021

Six years ago, Nuvoil Group got involved in the awareness raising and protection of the green sea turtle. That is why the group created an alliance with Tortugas Fundación Yepez, A. C with the aim of implementing different actions in the beaches located at the center and south of the Gulf of Mexico, specifically in Nautla, Veracruz. Through the cleaning and preservation of beaches, sowing of palm trees, environmental education and reintegration of the green sea turtles to their habitat, it is possible to save this protected species from extinction. The group collaborators and their families get involved in the project with the purpose of working for the good of this species which is about to become extinct. Since 2015, volunteers of Nuvoil give their time, talent and resources to clean beaches, hold environmental education and reforestation talks and reintegrate turtles to their habitat. As a result, 2,501 turtles have been reintegrated to the sea until now, 4.5 tons of garbage has been collected along the coast, 43 kilometers of beach have been preserved, 145 palm trees have been sown with compost. This is all thanks to the work of 3,422 volunteers.

“Six of the seven existing species of turtles come to Mexico. In other words, there is still much to protect in Mexico. In Nuvoil we appreciated this great experience by raising environmental awareness in our collaborators and their families. This allows us to both connect business and be responsible to the environment of the places where we operate”, said José Edel Álvarez Delong, CEO of Nuvoil.

One of the most interesting experiences occurred last April 26th, 2019 in Nautla, when a “dinosaur” sea turtle was rescued since it is estimated that it was older than 100 years and weighted 100 kilograms (220.462 pounds). This species was caught by a fishing net in open sea. The joint work between volunteers and the foundation was vital to liberate this specimen. It is estimated that only one of each 1,000 turtle eggs reach adulthood. Anyway, for the Nuvoil volunteer program this was the turtle specimen number 2,501 to be reintegrated to its habitat.


Through different Corporate Social Responsibility actions, Nuvoil, a Mexican business group which offers services specialized in the production of hydrocarbons, has a sustainability strategy. These actions are implemented by its companies with offices and projects in both Mexico and Colombia. For instance, Emgas company, specialized in natural gas, received for the fourth year in a row the Corporate Social Responsible Company (ESR) 2021 Distinction in the category of large companies. Additionally, two more companies of the group participate in the PyMEs category and will join the Colombia Global Compact network as an action which complements their active participation in the network of Mexico.

These actions, which are the guiding principles in the group, are also aligned to 2030 Agenda, Sustainable Development Goals and principles of the Global Compact such as Human Rights, Labor Standards, Environment and Anti-corruption. Likewise, alliances are established with different bodies to meet these goals.

 “Strategic alliances of cooperation with local and national universities, institutions such as Global Compact and Cemefi and civil associations, as well as the involvement of our collaborators are the way to drive the transformation from Nuvoil to create more sustainable energy in our country”, said José Edel Álvarez Delong, CEO of Nuvoil.

Another of the fundamental objectives is related to gender inclusion and equality. That is why in 2020 and 2021 Nuvoil reinforced its strategy focused on the fifth Sustainable Development Goal of the UN. Additionally, the company signed the statement of support letter to adhere to the Women’s Empowerment principles (WEPs) to become one of the 85 Mexican companies committed to support women at work and in the market and community which are set out by the United Nations Global Compact and UN Women. Likewise, there is a flagship program called “I also have a dream (Yo también tengo un sueño)”, which is intended for male and female collaborators. We also have the objective of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, putting an emphasis on the participation in the program “Target Gender Equality”, an initiative to accelerate the representation and leadership of women in the company in which 26 Mexican companies took part. Nuvoil is also one of the six companies in the oil and gas industry that belong to the Global Compact.

“Building a corporate citizenship makes the companies take back the purpose of being generators of welfare. This is what we build in Nuvoil first focusing on the interior and then impacting our environment and consequently the future generations”, said Álvarez Delong

Source: Newsweek México